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The recent sewage works brought to light Roman remains, a proof to the fact that Herculane is two thousand years old spa. Namely, chambers of an old spa were stumbled upon during the digging effectuated for the water and sewage network in the old center area, nearby the Cerna hotel.

These are unique discoveries in this country. For the moment, four specialists coming from a museum in Caransebes are dealing with the extraordinary discoveries and, though few for now, more people to do the research will add to these four specialists. This represents the undoubtable proof that Herculane is a spa with an extremely old history . Whole thermal pools and plastered treatment chambers were found. It is fantastic, they also found ceramic objects. Also, there was discovered a coin dating from the time period of Comodius the Roman Emperor. It is also probable that remains from the reign period of Traian Emperor will be further found.

Explains the mayor, Nicusor Vasilescu

This would be the biggest and most important discovery of this kind in the country, regarding the degree to which they were preserved, the extent and the age of the findings. The found chambers are approximately two meters tall and the archaeological diggings are still ongoing.