Băile Herculane is a seaside resort in Caraş-Severin County, Banat, România. Is situated in the valley of the Cerna River, at 5 km from the main route which connecting Western country from Bucharest — DN 6 (E70). [sursa: Wikipedia]

The millennial resort referred to as „Ad aqua Herculi sacras ad Mediam”, has besides various possibilities for treatment and a variety of leisure and entertainment.

Băile Herculane resort from the valley of the Cerna River is the perfect retreat for the hot days from this summer.

Turist sights in Herculane

In the resort you can visit:

  • Nicolae Cena History Museum – Culture house
  • Casino
  • Central Park
  • Railway station Baile Herculane – an architectural sight that can not go unnoticed
  • Hercules Statue
  • Roman Imperial Baths
  • Elizabeth Villa
  • Cerna Valley
  • Prisaca lake and Iovanu artificial lake
  • Hercule II headspring
  • Diana III headspring
  • Neptun II headspring – stomach spring
  • 7 Springs Thermal Baths
  • The Cave of Thieves(The Grotto of Outlaws)
  • The White Cross
  • Waterfall Vânturătoarea
  • Steam Grotto
  • Adam’s Cave

Festivals and Events

  • International Yoga Symposium in Herculane

    Event which takes place every year from the 30th of April until the 10th of May.
    More details about this year’s event you can find at MisaTV

  • Music festival “Smile of a Child”

    The “Smile of a Child” festival was scheduled for 2015 to take place on 19-21 of August. For the festival 60 children were enrolled. Festivalul Zambet de copil 2015

  • The Black Pine of Banat Festival

    Event which takes place every year in late May – early June and the first edition took place in 2004.

  • “HERCULES” International Folklore Festival

    Event which takes place every year in the second week of July and lasts 5 to 7 days.

  • Town Days of Herculane

    Event which takes place every year on the 8-10 September and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the Central Park of Baile Herculane both through folk and pop music (after 22 o’clock in every night of the event), tasty food, various items and souvenirs available for shopping and, of course, fireworks.

  • Workshop “Land of Hercules in Pictures”

    The first edition of the photography workshop held on the 9-11 November 2012 had the theme:

    • Nature around us
    • People and Places

    We look forward the following editions.

Sports and activities

In Herculane the following outdoor activities can be performed:

  • The Hercules Marathon

    The outdoors competition lovers are welcomed to participate to another edition of mountain jogging organized by The Alternative Sports Club Timisoara in the area of Baile Herculane, organized each year in May or June. This event firstly took place in 2009, probably the only one of this kind in that year. The excitement of marathons from those last years lead to the increase of the high number of competitors, and for the Hercules Marathon this can only bring us joy.


    Because in 2014, the organizers of the international event PETZL RocTrip ( a climbing campaign called generic RocTrip), considering a true “Climbing Olympic”, they’ve included on their map Romania (11-14 September 2014 the valley of the Cerna River in Herculane ). We are waiting for them in the following years also for a true “rocky” challenge, in the middle of nature, here in Herculane. More details about the event here.

  • Zip Line

    Designed especially for children , but not for people with fear of heights, in Baile Herculane there is a Zip Line, approximately 70 m longs, which brings together the shores of Cerna, being close to the Water Plant, just after Roman Hotel.
    The program in summer is:
    Friday – Sunday from 15:00

  • Rafting

    At Baile Herculane you can raft on Cerna with instructors from Vertical Adventure Timisoara. Descending on the river Cerna takes about 2h, on a 5 km length, but the activity is coordinated by experimented guides, the participants will have special equipment and can take part in this activity if they are older than 16.

  • Rappel/Escalate

    The privileged location on the picturesque valley of Cerna, at the base of the Mountains of Cerna and Mehedinti, make Baile Herculane a perfect place for those inspired by mountain adventures. These two breathtaking mountains offer a great number of spectacular tracks for mountain climbing. We are waiting for you on this great adventure!

  • Hiking

    The mountain hiking on the great tracks( “La Crucea Alba, “Traseul imparatesei, “Cheile Tasnei” , etc ), will help the tourists benefit from clean air and climate with unique therapeutic properties and from the natural settings in which the resort is situated, setting which is a part of the Valea Cernei – Domogled National Park:
    We remind you the following allowed tourist tracks in Baile Herculane:

    Trail Name Location Details
    „Băile Herculane – Platoul și izvorul Coronin – Cracu lui Arendașu – Poiana cu Peri” Cerna’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Platoul Coronini – Foișorul Verde – Izvorul Diana” Cerna’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Izvorul Munk – Izvorul Diana III” Cerna’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Izvorul Munk – Piscul Jubiliar – Vf. Ciorici – Vf. Dada” Cerna’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Vf. Ciorici – Peștera cu Aburi-Peștera lui Adam – peștera Despicătura” Cerna’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Șapte Izvoare Calde- Piatra Băniței Poiana Culmea Mare” Cerna’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Cascada Vânturătoarea – Poiana Cicilovete” Cerna’s Mtn Marking: Red cross
    Time: 2 hours
    Route Difficulty: Low
    Departure: The Bridge Gura Văii Vănturatoarea, DN67D Km 11
    Arrival: The Glade Vănturatoarea (Above the Falls)
    „Băile Herculane – Cheile Pecinișcăi – Creasta Cocoșului” Mehedinți’s Mtn Marking: Yellow cross
    Time: 3-4 hours
    Route Difficulty: Ascent without water supply
    „Băile Herculane – Cheile Pecinișcăi – Poiana Padeș” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Cheile Ferigari – Vf. Șoimului – Peștera Mare de la Soroniște” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Cheile Ferigari – Obârșia Văii Ferigari – Creasta Podeni” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Crucea Albă – Izvorul Jelărău – Culmea munților Mehedinți” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Crucea Albă – Vf. Domogledu Mic – Cheile Ferigari – Fosta Fabrică de Var” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Crucea Albă – Vf. Izvorul Jelărău – Vf. Susaie” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Cărarea Pisicii – Vf. Domogledu Mic – Vf. Domogledu Mare” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Crucea Albă – Izvorul Jelărău – La Șușoare – La Marginea” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Cheile Șaua Padina – La Marginea” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Cascada Cociului” Mehedinți’s Mtn Marking: Red dot
    Time: 2 hours
    Route Difficulty: Low
    „Băile Herculane – Poiana Fântâna Moșului – Creasta Gorneti” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Poiana Fântâna Moșului – Poiana Balta Cerbului – Poiana Tăsuc” Mehedinți’s Mtn
    „Băile Herculane – Izvorul Conteselor – Biserica Ortodoxă” Domogled’s Mtn

    Source: Autoritatea Națională pentru Turism

Trips on the Danube / Danube cruise

Orsova is about 22km from the resort Baile Herculane. It is situated just above the Iron Gates, on the spot where the Cerna River meets the Danube. Following the completion lake Iron Gates, the old hearth of the city was flooded in 1970, and the population was moved to a new location, including the Danube terraces and Cerna and the southern slope of the Mountains Almăj, where he built a city completely new (1966-1971), which included the villages Jupalnic, Tufari and Coramnic.

This municipality in Mehedinti County offers the following sights:

  • Tabula Traiana – Trajan’s Bridge
  • Ada Kaleh Island (4.70 km)
  • Ponicova Cave (8.20 km)
  • Cazanele Dunării (12.20 km)
  • Statue of Decebal – Danube Gorge (12.40 km)
  • Iron Gates Natural Park – Danube Gorge (13.40 km)
  • Severin Fortress (23.50 km)
  • Castrul Roman Drobeta (24.20 km)
  • National Park Semenic Caras Gorge (57.70 km)
  • Archaeological Complex (from Drobeta-Turnu Severin)
  • Iron Gates Region Museum
  • Monument Crypt of Heroes since 1916 to 1918 (from Drobeta-Turnu Severin)
  • Bigar Waterfall and the Mills from Rudariei Valley

Monasteries and churches

  • Vodița Monastery
  • Saint Ana Monastery, Orşova
  • Mraconia Monastery (12.70 km from Orșova)
  • Catholic Church, Orșova
  • Grecescu Church, Drobeta-Turnu Severin
  • Monasteries from Gorj County (Tismana Monastery, Polovragi Monastery and Lainici Monastery)